Masis Panel Bed L

Brand: Masis
Product Code: 250403
Availability: In Stock
Van: Ducato, Boxer, Jumper
Model: H2/H3 - L2/L3/L4
Year: 2007 - 2023

Product size mm: 1280 x 800
Color: RAL 9010
Texture: Fine leather
Coverage: Matt
Max. window size mm: 1000 x 500

The panel can also be placed on the right side.
​If you do not need storage space, and you want more space.
The intended distance between the panel and the wall of the van is 25-30 mm, where the insulation and window frame will be located.

Eliminate tens of hours of complex and frustrating carpentry work.

Much lighter than wood.

Curved and molded to perfection. These fit into the space with precision for a high end custom look for a fraction of the price of a professional builder.

They are extremely easy to install and cut to suit your needs.
Installation The panels can be attached to the van structure in a variety of ways. One approach is to drill holes into the van sheet metal and then attaching the panels using "automotive push clips" (similar to how the few factory-supplied panels in a Promaster are attached). Alternatively, you could secure the panels with self-tapping screws covered with screw caps. In both cases the push clips or screw head covers can be painted with to match your interior.
Window Cut Outs Draw the outline of the window on the van. Cut with a jigsaw with a metal cutter. Make a wooden frame on the inside with a thickness of 25-30mm. Place the panel in the place where it will be located and on the outside where the window opening is, draw the outline of the window on the panel with a pencil. Cut the panel with a jigsaw with a wood cutter, fix the window on the van place the panel.