Masis is currently present on 5 continents, 20 countries, with over 50 partners.


Masis started its operations in 2014 in France. 

From the very beginning, we as a company strive for high standards. Since 2017, 

the production has been moved to Bulgaria.  

Large investments have been made 

to build a modern factory.  From 2022 we are opening our new factory with modern

machinery and technologies of a new generation for the production of camper windows.


Our mission is to manufacture products for the successful conversion of campers. 

So that more and more companies and ordinary customers can achieve the desired

comfort by transforming their campers.


Our products are engineered with design, creativity and style to make any camper look great.

They are designed to give coziness and comfort, but at the same time to be practical with

storage space for much needed items in the camper.